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Homestay is unquestionably the lodging of choice, especially for a foreign student. At Global Homestay Services(GHS), we provide you, the international student, a way to feel truly at home while attending school in the United States. Our students are very carefully placed into an environment with an experienced host family who welcomes each student as a member of their own family. We fully understand the nervous anticipation felt by our Foreign Students. In most cases, it may be your first venture away from your familiar home, country and cultural atmosphere. You are faced not only with the demanding educational challenges, but transported into a culture and environment many times very different from the one that you are most familiar with.

GHS provides the international students with the proper kind of pleasant, supportive, safe and caring environment that they are accustomed to in their home country. The environment is safe, and secure . . . Our goal is to make each and every student happy, safe and contented in a caring home, with good food, pleasant surroundings with warm and friendly people around them every day. In addition, the student's language skills will increase while they learn and experience, first-hand, our local and nation's customs and traditions. Through the efforts of our expert, experienced staff, working closely with students, parents, host families, school staff and agents, we are able to deliver a well rounded, enjoyable, learning experience. We welcome your participation in this exciting and rewarding program.



Experienced coordinators work with you to plan your group homestay details.

We are dedicated to ensuring your plans are carried out successfully.


Serving all of California

Providing Homestay Solutions in all counties in California.


Building strong relationships with families for many years.

Experienced staff working to help you succeed throughout Southern California.

Enduring a Safe, Confidential and Respectful Environment.


We conduct background checks, including:

  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Criminal Records
  • Sex Offenders


We listen and respond to your needs

We have a friendly staff

We are easily accessible by phone, email or text


We keep you informed and up-to-date

We contact you via phone, email, text or our new mobile app

1) How do I get approved to host?

Our company has a 3 step process: We have an application to be filled out by the host, we will have a coordinator set up a home visit and lastly our company will perform a background check on all persons 18yrs and older living in the household.

2) How much am I compensated?

It depends on where you live and if the student will take meals or not. Typically between $680-$1,300 per month.

3) Do the students pay extra for utilities?

No, the homestay fee includes utilities such as; water, electricity, gas and internet access.

4) How far should I be from the school?

Most students will ride the bus so we like to keep the commute no more than 30-40 minutes from the school including walking time to the bus stop etc.

5) Will the student have a car?

Most won't have a car but in some cases they will.

6) What should the room have?

The room should have a mattress bed, desk, chair, lamp, dresser and some closet space.

7) Is this a guarantee of income?

No, this is not a guarantee of income, however, we will try our best to give you students.

8) Does your company collect a security deposit for damage?

No, we do not ask the student for a damage deposit. It is not a customary procedure in hosting international students.

9) Do I collect the homestay fee from the student?

No, the student will pay our agency then we will issue a check to you.

10) When do I get paid?

We will pay the full amount within 7-10 days upon student arrival.

11) When the student wants to move out is there any notice?

Yes, we have the student give a 2-4 week notice to you.

12) Do you place only college international students?

No, we also place teenage short term groups, high school students, professors and tourists.


To apply for student homestay please download our free mobile app from the Apple AppStore and click on "Apply".

To apply for homestay hosting please download our free mobile app from the Apple AppStore and click on "Apply".

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